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Five memorable Jake quotes

  • 25 Sep 2013
Jake White Jake White

The former Springbok and Brumbies coach has never been afraid to speak his mind.

Jake on referees
'We have to be so careful. There are not many [top quality] referees in the game and if we are going to chase every ref from the game for a bad decision, we’re not going to have a game. Anyone who has reffed knows that in the early stages of a game it is important to assert control over the players. After the fracas – following that Bismarck du Plessis tackle on Dan Carter – the referee was probably worried the match would turn into a free-for-all, and [not having seen the arm in the tackle] he probably gave the yellow to Bismarck to calm things down, believing that it wouldn’t influence the result of the game. Then, his worst nightmare happened ... when Bismarck lifted his elbow against Liam Messam in the second half, the ref was forced to give him a second yellow.'

Jake on the Wallabies job
'The ARU asked a while ago if I would be interested [in coaching the Wallabies]. I’ve always been interested in returning to international rugby. It hasn’t panned out, they’ve gone for Ewen [McKenzie] and that’s fantastic. He’s got a fantastic record and I wish him all the best.'

Jake on Australian players
'I am not saying that South African players are dumb, it’s just that these guys are a lot more educated about a lot of things. They are very bright guys in Australia, they won’t just do [what they are told], they want to know why they are doing it and, if they agree, they will do it. Whereas in South Africa, it’s very much if you’re the coach and you want it, then we’ll just do it like that. It’s an Australian way, but it’s more a Brumbies thing. They have had to out-think other teams because they haven’t always had the same player base or resources that other clubs have.'

Jake on Bok foreigners
'Rugby is now a global game. If [players] are still allowed to play for South Africa while they are earning money overseas, they would be crazy to stay in South Africa and play domestic rugby. A team with 10 overseas Springboks beat Argentina. When I coached [the Springboks] I wasn’t allowed to pick players earning money overseas. I was only allowed to pick players if they came back to SA and re-committed themselves to South African rugby. They are sending out the wrong message to young players. You can’t have your cake and eat it. They are going to lose a lot of players to foreign clubs.'

Jake on the Springboks' 2007 World Cup win
'It's important for our country and I think everyone back home is rejoicing. It's unbelievable. To see the president of our country sitting on the players' shoulders, it doesn't get much better than that. People ask why we take the World Cup so seriously. It's much bigger than any other event, what it did to us as a nation [in 1995].'

Photo: Glyn Kirk/AFP Photo

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