Q&A with Careen Truter

The SA Swimsuit Model Search winner talks to KATE NOKWE about the excitement of her first foreign assignment, her determination and her love of the Cheetahs.

How did you get into modelling and how long have you been in the industry?
Five years, part-time, due to my studies. I have just finished studying human resources management through Stellenbosch University.

Do you have any qualification you could fall back on?
I’d be in industrial psychology, because I love working with people. That’s one of the main reasons I love modelling: I get to meet and work with people from different walks of life.

Share some memories of the most exotic places to which you’ve travelled.
I’m not well-travelled. In fact, this is my first travel job. Going to a nice big island, blue skies, blue waters, it’s a very exciting for me. I have been to a couple of places with friends and family. But this experience is a first for me.

We hear stories, but what really goes on behind the scenes in modelling?
I’ve heard stories too, but I’m still a newbie, so nothing scandalous yet. How about I call you up when something happens?

You’re on! Moving on: the end product often looks fun and glamorous, what are the challenges that you face?
Personally, I believe each model needs to connect with the photographer. If there’s no chemistry between the two of you the job could be unbearable. You need to move when he moves, listen to directions and be patient. I find that when I come back from a shoot my body hurts, like I’ve been working out. It looks glamorous, fun and exciting, but it is really hard dealing with early mornings and late nights. I don’t do much. I’m the boring model; I go straight to bed after dinner, especially when I have an early morning assignment.

Any regrets about this job? And highlights?
Modelling-wise, no regrets. I am happy that I am different from other girls. I have set certain standards and limits for myself that I won’t compromise. There are challenges, though: you get pushed in different directions and sometimes you are not comfortable. The highlights have to be winning the SA Swimsuit Model Search, and the Clear shampoo commercial I did after Pat Lambie.

What keeps you grounded?
My family and friends. Their support, in terms of accepting the person I’ve become, keeps me on my toes.

You are in great shape, how do you do it?
It’s been difficult on this trip especially. The food is amazing. I do exercise a lot, though. I haven’t done much here, but I generally do. Whenever I have a big meal or a cheat day, I just work harder.

Your favourite sport?
Rugby. It’s fun. My Saturdays are filled with rugby. I love the competitiveness of the sport. I’m a Cheetahs girl, although I’m a Capetonian through and through. Being in the 2013 Super Rugby play-offs is an amazing achievement for the Cheetahs. Regardless of the results, I know they will do me proud.

What’s your preference: soccer, cricket or rugby players?
Do you even have to ask? Rugby, of course!

Who is the sexiest sport personality?
The Blue Bulls’ Francois Hougaard. He doesn’t just play rugby, he’s on the cover of magazines, too.  He’s doing well on the field and off the field as a model, so that’s cool. 

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