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‘We will collapse that VIP section’

  • 13 Mar 2018
Protestors try to enter a VIP box Protestors try to enter a VIP box

The South African Student Congress threatened to stop Monday night's Varsity Cup match in Port Elizabeth before it took place. 

Sasco protestors tried to storm one of the VIP boxes during the game. When chairs were thrown onto the field, the referee took the players off.

Maties were leading 19-0 at the time, nine minutes into the second half, and were later awarded a 19-0 win.

WATCH: Protesters stop Varsity Cup match

However, the protest should not have come as a surprise to Varsity Cup organisers, as Sasco had sent out a press release threatening action if the Madibaz looked like losing the match.

Here is the press release in full:

The South African Student Congress wants to express its disappointment on the performance of the Nelson Mandela University rugby team (Madibaz). Simply because of our respect for Tata Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela, We will not use the words of Minister Fikile Mbalula when he said “What I saw there was not a problem of coaching, it was just a bunch of losers, who have no respect for this country and don’t have respect for anybody”.

SASCO is extremely annoyed and flabbergasted by the consistent losing of our rugby team and we strongly believe that major changes must be made to rescue the name of Tata Mandela from this embarrassment. The changes will include addressing the director of Sports department and her team, because they continue proving themselves that they are useless and they are dismally failing to come up with a strategy to rescue our team. All they do is to continue looting the Sports department resources and entertain themselves with alcohol in small VIP rooms.

As students of this university and supporters of the Madibaz club, we are sick and tired of this fruit salad mix masala strategy employed by the coach and the sports department. We have been consistent in raising our views with the director of sports and her staff with regards to the recruitment of players and their strategy used. They clearly refuses to understand why they were employed by the university and intentionally ignoring the transformation agenda. 

We also want to appeal to our players to do their best in the field; they must not just leave everything in God’s hands. They must play with pride and they must defend the name of Tata. We as students come in our numbers to support them, the least they can do is to show that they appreciate our efforts. It’s not very easy for students to leave their rooms in cold and rainy weathers, to stand in long shuttle lines and sing for 80 minutes just to be embarrassed and go home disappointed. SASCO believes that we can still win some games on the remaining ones; all we are asking from our players is to deliver a win to us.

SASCO also calls for some creativity in our Madibaz staff. We must change faces and introduce some new talent that will motivate the students. Our MC is very old and tired and we think the university is abusing the old man. We must allow him to go rest with his grandchildren like other old people. The University have changed its name three times but the old man was always there for us, what more do we want from him? The new MC is doing very well; she just needs someone to complement her. We need some Razzmatazz from young talented students.

We also believe that it is incorrect for the old man to abuse us as well. We have been briefed that the old man is the MC, he owns the sound system and his Son is employed by him. We cant allow such Gupta arrangement in our university. The sports department must support black business, particularly if there are student that can deliver the service. Companies like Moment Media Sound must be supported by the university; they are black owned, student owned and youth owned.

In conclusion we want to promise the sports department if we do not win the following game, we will mobilise ourselves and collapse that VIP section. All the money that is used for food and drinks will be referred to the SRC feeding scheme for poor students. We can’t be wasting money on programs that do not bring any results whilst there are progressive program that are student friendly. Also if we lose the following game on the 1st half, we will have no choice but to enter the field and take the game over. Pointers and many other rugby teams will be engaged to prepare themselves for the game.On the last point Big must be in the starting up line as he has proven himself to be the best player.

Qina Madibaz Qina
We want change now.

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