Dire Bulls need intervention

The Bulls’ limp and largely aimless performances of the past 18 months suggest that something is profoundly wrong at the once proud franchise, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Boks face fight for respect in 2017

South African teams need to start beating their New Zealand counterparts on a regular basis for the Springboks to feature in the World Cup-contender conversation, writes JON CARDINELLI.

England show Boks the way

England’s investment in intellect and tradition is at the heart of their record-equalling success, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Suits continue to hamstring Boks

SA Rugby’s decision to retain Allister Coetzee, as well its new overseas-player policy, will limit the Springboks’ progress in 2017, writes JON CARDINELLI.

No beating Kiwis at own game

The South African teams’ attempt to match the Kiwi sides for tempo and intensity may backfire in the long run, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Blueprint too little too late

A national coaching blueprint should have been formulated and enforced last November, not in the week leading up to the 2017 Super Rugby tournament, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Defence the barometer of strength

South African teams will continue to make up the numbers in the Super Rugby tournament unless they invest more time and effort into their defence, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Joost set the bar high

Joost van der Westhuizen's contribution to Springbok rugby should never be forgotten, writes JON CARDINELLI.

SA must make a tactical shift

New Zealand's best teams struck a necessary balance between defence and attack in the 2016 Super Rugby tournament. South Africa's teams would do well to follow suit in 2017, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Coetzee can’t take Boks forward

The decision to retain Allister Coetzee and several of his assistants would serve as a blow to the Springboks’ hopes of progress in 2017, writes JON CARDINELLI.

2016: More pain than pleasure

JON CARDINELLI reflects on a year that witnessed far more lows than highs for South African rugby.

Quality coaching still matters

England’s success under Eddie Jones proves that Test teams are more than just the product of a national system. South African rugby would do well to take note, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Denial to stall Bok progress

Allister Coetzee as well as the suits at SA Rugby must be held accountable for the Springboks’ worst season in the professional era, writes JON CARDINELLI.

No defence for dire Coetzee and co

There’s nothing emotional about the demand for a new Springbok coaching staff following a 2016 season that’s witnessed seven embarrassing defeats in 11 matches, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Mediocre Boks lack fear factor

The Springboks need to find their mojo fast if they’re to challenge a combative England at Twickenham and regain the respect of the greater rugby community, writes JON CARDINELLI.

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