ANC MP: Bok logo must go

ANC member of parliament Strike Ralegoma says the Springbok emblem must be removed from the national team's jersey.

The logo appears on the right-hand side of the Bok jersey with the Protea on the left, except during a World Cup tournament when it moves to the sleeve to accommodate the World Cup logo.

'For successful transformation, all national teams must play with a single emblem,' Ralegoma said during Tuesday's meeting of the parliamentary portfolio committee on sport and recreation. 'The Protea is used by all other sports as the emblem, but there is Saru that will use the Springbok. It is important that we have a single logo.'

He also threatened that there would be consequences if South African rugby took too long to transform.

Saru was also hauled over the coals about the lack of transformation in rugby, as well as the lack of women in its leadership.

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