Bok legend visited by rescuers

Two women found Frik du Preez on the ground outside a restaurant after he had suffered a massive heart attack.

Du Preez was attending a golf day at the Leiba Lodge in Centurion last Thursday when he collapsed.

Trish Armstrong, a special projects director at the Tshwane metro police, and Ina Strijdom, a ward councillor, were at the venue for meetings, and found Du Preez on the ground outside the restaurant, having met him earlier in the day.

The pair rushed to his side, and after dispatching Strijdom to call for help, Amstrong continued to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

'I asked Ina to call an ambulance and then asked her to keep his head backwards,' Amstrong told

Strijdom says Du Preez, who was full of jokes, had stepped outside to take a phone call and collect documents that were delivered for him. The next moment he collapsed.

'Trish yelled at me “Ina, come help”. I ran outside and found her busy doing CPR,' confirmed Strijdom.

The women have since visited Du Preez in hospital, where his wife thanked them for what they had done for him and the family.

'After an emotional time when everyone cried next to his bed, we chatted about his property, the rugby in general and also the terrible state the Blue Bulls are in,' said Amstrong.

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