Border bankrupt

The Border Rugby Football Union (BRFU) has run out of funds and has been unable to pay staff since October 2013.

According the Daily Dispatch, this follows an ongoing financial stand-off between BRFU and its professional arm, Border Rugby (Pty) Ltd, which has resulted in numerous court interdicts and counter-interdicts since June last year.

Border Rugby (Pty) Ltd owns and manages the professional Bulldogs franchise, and the BRFU is responsible for amateur rugby activities.

The union went to court last year hoping to secure full control of the union’s finances, against a 13-year arrangement which saw Border Rugby (Pty) Ltd handling finances for both entities. BRFU lost the case.

‘Once there is cash in the union’s coffers, workers will be paid all that is due to them. Immediately we get paid, we will transfer money to the workers,’ said acting general manager Dhumisani Mhani.

Mzuvukile Tempi, who has been a development officer for BRFU for 13 years, is disgruntled by the way in which the employees have been neglected and even filed a case with the Department of Labour regarding the situation.

‘We have tried to get answers from management, in vain. Instead Dumisani [Mhani] wishes us away and becomes arrogant.

‘Bills continue to pile, and our insurance policies are lapsing,’ Tempi added.

During the case, Border Rugby (Pty) Ltd had said that the union had misappropriated money intended for it from Saru which would have gone to pay players’ and staff salaries and other expenses.

Photo: Daily Dispatch