Cane citing dismissed

Sam Cane has been cleared of any further punishment after being cited for a dangerous tackle on Jaguares prop Nahuel Chaparro.

The incident occurred in the Super Rugby match between the Chiefs and the Jaguares on Saturday.

Cane was alleged to have contravened Law 10.4 (e) Dangerous Tackling, after he charged into a maul with his shoulder, which made contact with Chaparro's head. While not penalised at the time, he was cited after the game.

Upon further investigation the Sanzaar judicial committee, consisting of Michael Heron and David Croft, found that ‘the contact between the shoulder of Mr Cane and the head of Mr Chaparro was unintentional and not able to be foreseen for that reason. We found that the incident was an unfortunate combination of Cane joining to create a maul in a permissible manner at the same time as Chaparro fell rapidly to the ground.

'The committee considered that what occurred could not be described as a tackle, because Chaparro was not the ball carrier,' it concluded.

Photo: Michael Bradley/Getty Images