Cheeky survives again

A constitutional technicality prevented a vote of no confidence being passed against president Cheeky Watson at the EPRU’s special general meeting on Thursday night. CRAIG LEWIS reports.

Watson remains president of the EPRU, but his future is still uncertain after clubs called for the union to be placed under SA Rugby administration, a request that will be tabled at SA Rugby’s next board meeting.

Ahead of Thursday’s meeting, a group of club delegates had submitted a motion of no confidence in Watson, and were confident of having it passed at the gathering in Algoa Park, which was attended by a number of SA Rugby representatives.

The meeting was a continuation of last month’s delayed annual general meeting that had been adjourned to allow for Watson to present a more complete picture of EP’s financial affairs.

On Thursday, the presented financials were rejected by a majority vote, while earlier in the meeting, delegates were believed to have voted 59-27 in favour of having the motion of no confidence included on the agenda.

However, the vote failed to pass after some of the letters from the ‘in favour’ clubs were nullified on technical grounds, with the motion failing to reach the necessary numbers for it to be passed.

It now remains to be seen if SA Rugby agrees to send an administrator to oversee the running of EP Rugby, and whether disgruntled clubs may once again pursue a vote of no confidence at a later date.

Watson, described as looking serious and wearisome, left the meeting without addressing the media, who had also been barred from attending.

Photo: Michael Sheehan/Gallo Images

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