EP interview shortlisted candidates

Peter de Villiers was one of five coaches who appeared before the EP panel on Wednesday for his interview to become the next EP Elephants head coach.

According to EP Herald sports editor and rugby writer George Byron, De Villiers appeared apprehensive when he arrived for his interview at Imatu House in Sydenham.

The interview process had previously begun with former Springbok assistant coach Ricardo Loubscher, followed by De Villiers, Deon Kayser, Jonathan Mokuena and Kevin Musikanth.

The interview panel cosnsisted of Maasdorp Cannon (chair), Zola Yeye, Qondakele Sompondo, Jaco Kirsten and Yoliswa Lumka, with EP expected to announce the successful candidate early next week.

Kayser, De Villiers and Loubscher appeared in person while Mokuena and Musikanth’s interviews were done via a Zoom call.

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Craig Lewis