Schoolboy rugby player forced to undergo amputation

A Graeme College 1st XV rugby player has been forced to undergo a leg amputation after developing complications around an injury, the school confirmed.

Graeme College were playing against Eastern Cape rivals St Andrews on Saturday, 5 September, when the unnamed player sustained a dislocated knee injury.

While the knee was able to be relocated, the player continued to experience pain in his leg but further scans revealed no fracture.

The player was rushed back to hospital this Monday after it was found that there was damage to his artery, which was undetected on his first visit. It was then found that he had sustained damage to his muscle tissue and medical staff sadly recommended that the only solution was amputation.

“On Monday last week shock waves rippled through the Graeme College family as they were rocked by devastating and unimaginable news,” the school said in a release on their social media page.

“During a rugby match on Saturday 5 September, a 1st XV player had developed very serious complications as a result of a rugby injury. In a courageous attempt to prevent a try by the opposition, the player had dislocated his knee. The dislocated joint popped back into place but the player was still obviously in significant pain. He was taken to Greenacres Hospital in Gqeberha that day, where x-rays were taken. He was discharged after no fractures were revealed on the x-rays.

“It later came to light that, although there was no fracture, there was significant damage to the main artery during the dislocation. This damage had gone undetected upon his first visit to the hospital. On Monday he was rushed back to the hospital, where it was discovered that damage to muscle tissue in his leg was evident. Sadly, the medical staff advised the family of the agonising news that amputation was the only solution.

“Upon hearing this news on Tuesday morning, the Graeme College staff were in absolute shock. A number of staff accompanied the family back to Gqeberha on Tuesday morning, thereafter meeting with the 1st XV squad after school, to discuss the details of what had transpired.

“A week after the injury, with the family firmly holding onto every ounce of hope, the player underwent the operation (amputation) this past Sunday.

“No words of comfort seem enough but our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, as he recovers from the emotional and physical trauma of this life-changing situation. In support of their team mate, our 1st XV opted not to play the scheduled match against Pearson High School on Saturday.”

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