Hougaard’s sons in custody confusion

Former Springbok flyhalf Derick Hougaard was part of a chaotic episode involving his two sons on Tuesday.

Hougaard’s ex-wife, Afrikaans singer Karlien van Jaarsveld, posted a tearful video on Instagram (which has since been deleted), saying that their two boys were missing.

‘We can’t find my sons. Derick is drunk; we don’t know where the children are please! This is how they look, please help to search!’ she posted in Afrikaans, along with a photo of the two blonde boys, smiling and wearing Christmas hats.

A short while later, she posted: ‘We have got them! Thank you to the police and everyone who helped and prayed.’

Meanwhile, Hougaard posted a photo of himself sitting at a table, with his sons sleeping next to him on two separate couches.

‘Apparently, there is chaos about my children who were “gone” while they slept safely next to their daddy tonight. It was before Karlien’s mom came and grabbed them.’

He then tweeted Van Jaarsveld, saying ‘You are a bad person!’