How 2023 World Cup vote works

The vote to decide whether Ireland, France or South Africa will host the 2023 World Cup is a straight majority vote. 

If no country gets a majority in the first round of voting then the country with the least number of votes at that point is eliminated. In the event of a split decision, the chairman, has the casting vote.

As things stand the council has 37 votes, meaning that the target for the three rival bids is 19 votes.

None of the three bidding countries can vote.

World Rugby is set to announce the successful applicant on 15 November.

World Rugby council voting:

Tier 1
England: 3 votes
Wales: 3 votes
Scotland: 3 votes
Italy: 3 votes
New Zealand: 3 votes
Australia: 3 votes
Argentina: 2 votes

Regional Associations
Oceania: 2 votes
South America: 2 votes
North America: 2 votes
Africa: 2 votes
Europe: 2 votes
Asia: 2 votes

Other unions:
Canada: 1 vote
USA: 1 vote
Japan: 1 vote
Georgia: 1 vote
Romania: 1 vote

Total: 37 votes

Source: Irish Times

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Simon Borchardt