Inside the Mind of … Lizo Gqoboka

The Springbok and Vodacom Bulls prop shares a few of his favourite pastimes and adventures away from the game.

Rolls Royce
‘It’s a big car, very comfortable and classy. I love it.’

‘In every grown man there’s still a young boy who dreams of having a sports car. The boy in me loves a Lambo and how the doors open.’

Range Rover Evoque
‘I’m a rural boy and I go back to the Eastern Cape often, so I need a higher car that is comfortable and spacious enough to fit in a lot of people. It’s also classy.’

‘I’m a Christian and to see a book written so many years ago is still relevant now is mind-blowing to me. It speaks to me and gives me hope of a better life for all.’

Rich Dad Poor Dad
Robert T Kiyosaki & Sharon Lechter
‘Reading this book is like getting a financial lesson late in life. The authors are billionaires so they know what they are talking about. Hopefully I will make some wise decisions with my finances based on the tips I read in this book.’

People Over Profit
Dale Partridge
‘It shows the importance of a team and having the right people around you. Whenever there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity. And when you enter a situation with the mindset of solving a problem, then profit will come later. The way you treat people will make your business successful.’

William MacDonald
‘He is a gospel singer and I draw inspiration from his music. He is a worshipper and writes his own music. There is always something fresh coming out of him and to me that shows he spends a lot of time in his prayer room seeking God. His music is ministering, it’s deeper than just singing and entertaining. He is worshipping and it is encouraging and reviving for me to listen to him.’

DJ Tira
‘He is vibe, man. He has been through a lot in his life but nothing gets him down. He has always been consistent and is more than a musician. What I’ve learned is that he is quite the businessman. He stays relevant because he makes music that speaks to the youth.

Ringo Madlingozi
‘Firstly, he is Xhosa so his music takes me back to my roots and where I come from. I relate to his music a lot.’

Venice, Italy
‘I was there about three months ago and it was amazing. It’s a city built on water. It hit home to me because I believe nothing is impossible.’

Paris, France
‘It’s so beautiful. The Eiffel Tower, the museums. There’s so much to see. And just how fast it is. French people are so welcoming. Meeting people and cultures from all over the world in one city is amazing. I loved the buildings and the food too.’

Cape Town, South Africa
‘It’s the most beautiful and vibrant city in our country.’

‘The birthdays of my two children have to be up there as the best ever. My mother always used to say ’one day when you have your own kids, you’ll understand’ and I never got it. When I became a father, I finally understood and felt how a child can change your life in an instant.’

‘My wedding day wasn’t too bad either. I got to marry the love of my life, my bestfriend and the mother of my children.’

‘The day I made my Springbok debut against the Wallabies at Ellis Park. I never thought I’d play professional rugby, let along for the Boks.’

Sparkling water
‘It’s the best thirst-quencher and it’s healthy and appropriate to drink anywhere, anytime.’

Fanta Pineapple
‘I love the taste. Because I’m a professional athlete, I don’t drink it often, but I have it on my treat days.’

Mango juice
‘Because no one drinks alcohol in our household, we have mango juice with our meals. Or in my case, I have it while I’m waiting for the food too.’

Bafana Bafana’s first goal at the 2010 World Cup
‘When Siphiwe Tshabalala scored that goal, I went a little crazy. It was an amazing goal, one befitting of a nation that had been gripped by soccer fever.’

2019 Rugby World Cup final
‘I think any Springbok player and fan will tell you winning the World Cup after our side was basically written off by everyone outside this country was the most amazing feeling. And the way in which they beat England made it all the more satisfying.’

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Soccer player
‘I only started playing rugby when I was 18. Soccer is everyone’s favourite pastime in rural Eastern Cape. I was a good player.’

An entrepreneur
‘I love the corporate world and I love business. I’ve started my own business recently and although it’s not where I want it to be yet, I’m always learning and that is enough for now.’

A pianist
‘I would like nothing more than to learn to play every musical instrument. My favourites are the piano and saxophone.’

T D Jakes
‘I think he is not only the pastor of The Potter’s House, he is the bishop of the world.’

Steven Furtick
‘He is a young up-and-coming pastor. It would be amazing to sit around a dinner table with him and T D Jakes because their preaching styles are so different. Both inspire me, but I can relate to Steven’s way of doing things more because we’re closer in age.’

Tyler Perry
‘He is a genius and is doing things that have never been done. He dares to be brave. I haven’t really had time to watch a lot of TV since I got back from France but apparently his new movie is pretty good, so I’m excited about that one.’

Games of Thrones
‘I was forced to watch this because it was the only time I could spend some time alone with my wife. She was so hung up on this show, it’s not even funny. But then I ended up liking it even more than she did.’

Ityala lamawele
‘I grew up watching this. There were only two or three houses in our area that had televisions. I remember the TVs used batteries because we didn’t have electricity. At night we used to gather at one of the houses and watch the show together. It’s one of my best childhood memories.’

I Am Bolt
‘He is the greatest sprinter of our time and everyone lauds him for what he has done on the track. But this documentary shows us how he surrounded himself with a team of people who helped him to reach those heights. It is the best bit of television I’ve ever seen.’

Michael Jordan
‘What Michael Jordan achieved in his career transcends sports. He retired a long time ago but he still inspires people worldwide and makes him the goat of all goats, in my opinion.’

Floyd Mayweather
‘Money loves him and so do I. People talk about Muhammad Ali as the greatest boxer but I reckon Mayweather’s longevity puts him above Ali on that list.’

Tiger Woods
‘It’s Tiger Woods so it’s kind of self-explanatory, isn’t it? After everything he has been through, the man is still going strong.’

Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira
‘He is my hero. When I shared a room with him at the Springboks, I had a glimpse of his character and I can honestly say he is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. What fans see on the field and how he acts off it, you’d swear it’s two different people.’

Edgar Marutlulle
‘As best friends, we loved rooming together during our time at the Kings. He was the one teammate I could share everything with. We had a lot of fun together.’

Bandise Maku
‘Everyone at the Bulls called him ‘Tata Nelson Mandela’ because he is a wise man. We roomed together for years before he retired and I appreciated his advice.’


‘Everyone always trying to avoid Lood de Jager during celebrations because he gets so excited he hits you too hard or hugs you too tight. But that is just because he is so happy. I’ve never known anyone who gets as excited about his team dominating a scrum, scoring a try or winning a match as Lood and that just shows his competitiveness.’

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