Ireland back to fifth

Ireland have climbed one place in the IRB world rankings after beating France in Paris to win the Six Nations.

France drop two places to seventh with Wales grabbing sixth place after their big win over Scotland.

No ratings points were gained or lost in Rome by victors England or Italy as the rating gap between them going into the match was too great for an England win to have any effect.

Scotland remain 10th in the rankings, but are now less than one rating point ahead of Fiji in 11th.

IRB world rankings (top 10)

1. New Zealand 93.81
2. South Africa 89.34
3. Australia 86.88
4. England 85.68
5. Ireland 82.13
6. Wales 80.70
7. France 80.07
8. Samoa 77.34
9. Argentina 76.44
10. Scotland 75.16
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Photo: Franck Fife/AFP Photo

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Simon Borchardt