‘Bulls learned a harsh lesson’

Five former Springboks on whether the new Super Rugby bonus-point system has been good for the game.

Kobus Wiese (former Bok lock)

'It's too soon to tell, we might not even be able to judge it at the end of the season. It is a bit controversial, because the Bulls scored six tries against the Rebels, and won 45-25, but didn't get a bonus point because they only scored two more tries than the opposition. But then you could say that the Bulls didn't deserve a bonus point because they let the Rebels back into the game. One thing's for sure, you're going to see less bonus points this season.'

Robbie Kempson (former Bok prop)

'Teams now have to keep playing, as opposed to sitting back and resting on their laurels, in order to secure a three-try advantage. The Bulls learned a harsh lesson against the Rebels, when they scored six unanswered tries only to concede four and lose the bonus point. Other sides will also have learned from that. It’s a bit too early in the competition to say if it’s a good system or not, but I’m happy with the way teams have dealt with it so far.'

Rob Louw (former Bok flank)

‘I don’t really think it's changed the way teams have played. At this stage of the tournament, players are still trying to find their feet and are not too worried about the bonus point. But I think teams will definitely aim to take bonus points from teams like the Kings and Reds this season. Hopefully the new bonus-point system will make for quite open rugby.'

Garry Pagel (former Bok prop)

'I think it's been good for the game, because the team that has the three-try advantage has to keep playing in order to keep the bonus point. In the past, you could score four tries, get the bonus point and stop playing, knowing that the win was secured.'

Chester Williams (former Bok wing)

'I think it's a good system. You can still get a bonus point if you score four tries, you just have to restrict your opponents to one. And you can get a bonus point by scoring just three tries if your defence is good enough not to concede any.'

Photo: Shaun Roy/Gallo Images