Clueless Coetzee must go

The Springboks deserve a coach with the ambition as well as the tactical ability to win in spite of the backward South African rugby system, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Coetzee has added nothing

The Springboks’ record defeat to the All Blacks at Kings Park proved that the coaching staff as well as the South African system needs to change sooner rather than later, writes JON CARDINELLI.

ABs rightly wary of Steyn

The All Blacks’ respect for the Springboks’ traditional strengths and the boot of Morné Steyn highlights the need for a pragmatic approach in the modern game, writes JON CARDINELLI in Durban.

Boks will battle to match Blacks

The current crop of Springboks doesn't have the experience or the skill set to challenge the All Blacks for the 2016 Rugby Championship title, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Battling Boks will miss Duane

The Springboks have lost the one player they could not afford to lose on the eve of the Rugby Championship, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Survival doesn’t equal strength

The Springboks dodged a bullet in Port Elizabeth, but they may not be ready for the rapid fire that awaits them in the Rugby Championship, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Coetzee must make plan clear

The Springboks need to show some intelligence and character in backing their game plan from the outset of a contest, writes JON CARDINELLI.

Nightmare not over yet

Ireland coach Joe Schmidt holds all the cards ahead of a potentially series-deciding clash against the Springboks at Ellis Park, writes JON CARDINELLI.

No change without honesty

The Springboks’ mediocre return at the World Cup showed why the South African rugby system isn’t working and why change is needed at Super Rugby and national levels, writes JON CARDINELLI.