Kings cash crisis addressed

Officials from EP Rugby, Saru and the South African Rugby Players’ Association have been locked in high-level discussions over the union's financial issues.

They met in Port Elizabeth on Thursday to review the current and future financial stability of the EP Rugby union after wage issues arose once again.

Despite concerns over the recent delayed payments to Kings players, Saru president Mr Oregan Hoskins said he had full confidence in the current leadership of EP Rugby president Cheeky Watson.

“We are aware of the financial challenges that EP Rugby are facing and are fully confident that EP Rugby is in the process of addressing these challenges. We have seen how, in the face of similar challenges earlier in the year, EP Rugby were able to resolve the matter and that no player has gone unpaid for any extended period of time.'

Sarpa chief executive Piet Heymans, who had visited EP Rugby in July over delayed payment issues, said they would continue to endeavour to resolve the matter.

'We will be taking the outcomes of these talks back to the players and will be following up with EP Rugby again next week. We will continue to provide players with advice during this period whilst monitoring the situation at the EP Kings. Our priority at this time is the well-being of the players,' he concluded.

Watson said EP Rugby was acutely aware of the challenges that the late payments caused and insisted that arrangements had always been made to assist players where possible.

'We will not deny that there have been cash-flow challenges this year, but what is often overlooked is that we have always met these challenges head on, and have been able to overcome them.'

Photo: Richard Huggard/Gallo Images

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