‘Freaky’ Matfield could deny naysayers

SuperSport's GAVIN RICH says Victor Matfield has the ability to make a successful comeback.

Rich writes that there was more negativity than positivity about Matfield’s return when he was at the recent Varsity Cup launch and that the reservations are understandable.

'It is now over two years since Matfield played his last serious game of rugby at a high level, and the argument that he should be ready to play because he has kept himself fit by mountain-biking these past 24 months does not necessarily stand up to scrutiny,' writes Rich. 'There are any number of former players who would qualify for a comeback if you used cycling fitness as a criteria.'

Rich, though, believes Matfield could prove his detractors wrong.

'The thing about Matfield is that he was a special and even freaky player, and if his comeback is carefully managed he could well defy the naysayers by being successful. He played enough rugby to know what needs to be done, and what the mountain biking would have done was to ensure that he is a young 36 rather than an old 36.'

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Photo: Hannah Johnston/Getty Images