More details emerge on Ashwin episode

A technical failure reportedly led to Ashwin Willemse walking off the SuperSport set during a live post-match discussion last Saturday.

According to Sport24, the Lions vs Brumbies pre-game analysis was unexpectedly cut from 10 to three minutes, much to the surprise of anchor Motshidisi Mohono and the three analysts, who were unable to hear the producer countdown through their earpieces.

Nick Mallett and Naas Botha both spoke for around 90 seconds each, but there wasn’t time for Willemse to share his views.

When they went off-air, Botha reportedly said, ‘Sorry Ash that you didn’t get a chance to speak’. Willemse didn’t reply and they proceeded to watch the match.

Mallett then asked the producer and Mohono to go to Willemse first after the game, which they did.

During Monday’s meeting at SuperSport, Willemse reportedly said his reaction was triggered when Botha said ‘it’s all yours’ and laughed.

During the course of the meeting, Willemse, Mallett and Botha agreed racism wasn’t the cause of the incident.

Reported chronology of events that led to Willemse’s dramatic walkout