Stormers fan wins R10,000!

Kevin Birtles walked away with a cheque for R10,000 after winning's Play Fantasy competition. 

Which teams did you select throughout Super Rugby?
I tried to mix it up instead of sticking with one or two teams as every team has its off day. I think I ended up selecting 10 different teams throughout the competition. My strategy was to go for the obvious pick, although things didn’t go to plan in week one and I took an early loss. As a Stormers supporter I didn’t trust them to beat the Bulls away from home and ended up selecting the Sharks, thinking they would beat the Cheetahs quite easily, but geez was I surprised when the Cheetahs won! I had a good run after that loss with my next and only other incorrect pick coming in week 19 with the final pick being the game changer in the end. The competition was very stiff and I’m just glad to have come out on top.

What did you like the most about Play Fantasy?
It's quick, easy and user-friendly. Your picks are completed in only a few minutes and then comes the fun part, watching the game to see if you picked correctly. The match is so much more exciting as you will your team to win. I really enjoyed playing this season and will be signing up for the Dash4Cash prediction game.


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Simon Borchardt