Poll: How do you feel about the Erasmus video?

Following SA Rugby director of rugby Rassie Erasmus’ hour-long video, highlighting officiating discrepancies, SARugbymag.co.za gives readers the chance to have their say on whether this was the right way to show up the inconsistencies.
On Thursday morning, a video of Erasmus highlighting in detail a number of officiating inconsistencies, including instances where he feels officials showed the South Africans a lack of respect, went viral on social media.

This comes in the week following the first Test between the Springboks and British & Irish Lions, where Erasmus has been keen to bring attention to some of the calls that went against the Boks.

The buildup to this past Saturday’s first Test between the Springboks and Lions was dominated by the Lions’ reported angry reaction to Jonker being appointed as the series TMO, after Brendon Pickerill had to withdraw due to travel issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jonker and referee Nic Berry made a few contentious calls in the first Test on Saturday, which Erasmus himself highlighted with video clips on social media.

All power to Rassie as he goes viral in damnation of match officials

However, while Gatland was portrayed as being clever in his use of the media to put pressure on the officiating team, Erasmus has been criticised for bringing the game into disrepute with his use of social media.

Following Erasmus’ latest hour-long breakdown of the first Test, SARugbymag.co.za gives readers the opportunity to have their say on whether he was correct to highlight the inconsistencies in this manner.

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How do you feel about Rassie Erasmus' hour-long video?

Perfectly justified. Erasmus was correct to call out the inconsistencies and World Rugby's lack of feedback.
Erasmus should have dealt with everything behind closed doors.
Erasmus was right to complain, but it is not the right time for this.

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