Readers’ poll: Spies most lethal forward on the break

The results are in, and readers have picked Pierre Spies as the most dangerous Bok forward to release on the break.

Poll: Pick a Bok forward to unleash on the break

Spies gained a whopping 58% of the votes, making him the out-and-out winner. It comes as little surprise that Spies was such a popular pick – the former Springbok eighthman started his career on the wing and had plenty of pace. He was rumoured to run the 100m in under 11 seconds.

At his peak, there were few players in world rugby more destructive. His athleticism made him a mainstay in the Springbok lineup between 2006 and 2013 and earned him 53 caps. Though he continues to divide opinion, few could argue that when in space, he was unparalleled among forwards.

The next most popular choice was Bob Skinstad with only 14% of the vote. Skinstad was in many ways ahead of his time as an athletic and skilful eighthman. His style of play paved the way for players like Spies and Ryan Kankowski.

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