SA Rugby can’t bid for major events

Minister of sport Fikile Mbalula has revoked SA Rugby's right to host and bid for international tournaments after failing to meet its agreed transformation targets.

In releasing the Eminent Persons Group Report on sport transformation on Monday, Mbalula revoked the hosting rights of SA Rugby, Athletics South Africa, Cricket South Africa and Netball South Africa.

The findings and outcomes of the report were presented to the 19 federations and the South African public for scrutiny, while providing the sporting codes with the opportunity to revert to Mbalula with 'individual barometers clearly spelling out transformation targets covering the next five years'.

It's believed that the ruling will only apply to new events and will not affect SA Rugby's hosting of Super Rugby games, Test matches or the Cape Town Sevens. However, it could throw SA Rugby's bid to host the 2023 World Cup into jeopardy.

Mbalula stated that in the event of a federation failing to meet its own set transformation targets, it is within his right and prerogative to consider applying any of the following penalties:
  ▪  I may suspend or withdraw government’s funding to the said federation due to non-compliance.
  ▪  I may withdraw government’s recognition of the particular federation as a national federation and whereafter I will publish such a decision in the government gazette.
  ▪  In essence, I may revoke the privilege of a federation to host and bid for major and mega 
international tournaments in the Republic and withdraw recognition of the said federation.
  ▪  I may withdraw the federation’s opportunity to be awarded national colours via Sascoc to players who participate under the auspices of that particular federation in order to represent the Republic internationally and nationally.
  ▪  I may terminate the relationship and any cooperation between SRSA and the said federation due to non-compliance.
  ▪  Finally, I may withdraw political support and endorsements for sponsorships.

Mbaula further commented: ‘I am applying these measures informed by the urgent task for the sport sector to reconstruct the fragmented and deeply 
discriminatory sport and recreation landscape by 
establishing a unified sports system that is underpinned by the principles of democracy, equity, transparency, demographic representation, access and increased participation.’

He added that he would review the decision when considering the results of the 2016-17 transformation barometer.

Photo: Anne Laing/HSM Images

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