Directives to speed up play

After SA Rugby introduced a number of innovations to speed up play, we list everything you need to know.

  • The first implemented change is a 10-day turnaround between matches to ensure better prepared teams and conditioned players. This was done with Covid-19 testing protocols taken into consideration
  • SA Rugby director of rugby Rassie Erasmus said teams and referees have also been asked to speed up play when it comes to taking lineouts, completing scrums and lining up kicks at goal, all of which lagged in comparison to international standards.
  • Teams have been urged to make quicker decisions when awarded penalties, and kickers must ensure they take their kicks within the allotted 60 seconds (for penalty goals) and 90 seconds (for conversions). A countdown clock is to be introduced as part of the broadcast to ensure compliance for penalty and conversion kicks at goal
  • Furthermore, restart kicks have to be taken in less than 30 seconds from either the 22-metre or halfway lines
  • At scrum time, the two packs of forwards must be formed and ready for the ‘crouch’ call within 30 seconds after the referee has given the mark, while referees will be able to stop the clock if they feel too much time is taken up with reset scrums
  • Apart from the on-field changes, SuperSport will be using a couple of broadcast innovations to enhance the viewer’s experience of these encounters, and show a rare perspective into team tactics
  • These include sideline commentary by players, audio comments from the coaches’ box, and new on-screen visual references.

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Photo: Ashley Vlotman/Gallo Images

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