Sanzaar boss outlines deadline for return

Sanzaar Chief Executive Andy Marinos has revealed that Vodacom Super Rugby must resume in five weeks or face the season being scrapped.

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With the season now halted amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Sanzaar know they do not have availability to push the remaining Super Rugby fixtures back deeper into the year.

‘You know, I think if it goes sort of four, five weeks then it’s going to be almost impossible because we don’t have the schedule to do anything further,’ Marinos told Newshub.

Given the short turnaround time, Marinos’ mind has already turned to the possible consequences should the 2020 season be cancelled.

‘It would put us in a very precarious position. That’s why it’s so important for us to work with our broadcasters and why we’re so determined to see if we can’t get some form of rugby and some kind of structure up in the foreseeable future.

‘Without that revenue, without the ability to be playing in front of stadiums that have crowds it all does have a direct impact on the bottom line.

‘That’s something I know the national unions are dealing with all of their clubs and then indirectly with all their governments.’

Photo: Elias Rodriguez/Getty Images