• Superbru: Back Stormers to beat Sharks

    The SA Rugby magazine team’s Superbru picks for this weekend’s Rainbow Cup, Super Rugby and European Champions Cup fixtures.


    Stormers vs Sharks (Saturday, Cape Town, 2pm)

    Craig Lewis: Stormers by 3
    Zelim Nel: Stormers by 6
    Juandre Joubert: Stormers by 3
    Andre-Pierre Cronje: Stormers by 5
    Mariette Adams: Sharks by 6
    Dylan Jack: Stormers by 5

    Bulls vs Lions (Saturday, Pretoria, 7pm)

    Craig Lewis: Bulls by 12
    Zelim Nel: Bulls by 11
    Juandre Joubert: Bulls by 8
    Andre-Pierre Cronje: Bulls by 12
    Mariette Adams: Bulls by 10
    Dylan Jack: Bulls by 10


    Hurricanes vs Highlanders (Friday, Wellington, 9am)

    Craig Lewis: Highlanders by 5
    Zelim Nel: Highlanders by 4
    Juandre Joubert: Hurricanes by 7
    Andre-Pierre Cronje: Hurricanes by 3
    Mariette Adams: Highlanders by 3
    Dylan Jack: Hurricanes by 3

    Blues vs Chiefs (Saturday, Auckland, 9am)

    Craig Lewis: Chiefs by 8
    Zelim Nel: Blues by 2
    Juandre Joubert: Blues by 6
    Andre-Pierre Cronje: Blues by 5
    Mariette Adams: Chiefs by 5
    Dylan Jack: Chiefs by 5


    Toulouse vs Bordeaux (Saturday, Toulouse, 4pm)

    Craig Lewis: Toulouse by 15
    Zelim Nel: Toulouse by 9
    Juandre Joubert: Toulouse by 12
    Andre-Pierre Cronje: Toulouse by 10
    Mariette Adams: Toulouse by 10
    Dylan Jack: Toulouse by 12

    La Rochelle vs Leinster (Sunday, La Rochelle, 4pm)

    Craig Lewis: Leinster by 12
    Zelim Nel: Leinster by 9
    Juandre Joubert: Leinster by 14
    Andre-Pierre Cronje: Leinster by 7
    Mariette Adams: Leinster by 10
    Dylan Jack: Leinster by 17

    Photo: Steve Haag Sports

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