Toulouse Saffas involved in brawl

Toulouse’s Cheslin Kolbe and Danie Mienie were allegedly involved in a nightclub brawl, which has left one of the club’s financial backers in hospital.

Kolbe and Mienie were accused by Thierry Barraque, an entrepreneur close to the club, of intimidating and assaulting both he and his son while they were out celebrating a birthday on 7 April. 

According to Barraque, his family met up at a popular nightclub and were gradually intimidated and threatened by a group of five people, which allegedly included the two players.

‘They started turning around my daughter and my niece, we asked them to stay quiet,’ Barraque told French media.

A fight then allegedly broke out between Barraque’s son and the players, who were expelled from the venue. The businessman allegedly tried to defend his son and suffered two broken ribs, which led to him spending three days in hospital.

Barraque has allegedly threatened to withdraw his financial support from the club if action is not taken against the pair.

Kolbe and Mienie joined the side from the Stormers and Cheetahs respectively, with Kolbe scoring six tries in 12 appearances for his team.

Toulouse released a statement in which the club denied trying to reach a financial settlement with Barraque, adding that the matter is now in his hands.

Photo: Manuel Blondeau/Getty Images

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Simon Borchardt