Trust set up in Lomu’s name

The New Zealand Rugby Players' Association has established the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust for his two sons.

The All Blacks legend passed away suddenly in November at age 40, leaving behind his wife Nadene and two young sons Dhyreille (6) and Brayley (5). The trust was set up to provide Lomu’s sons, the sole beneficiaries, with the education and pastoral care he would have wanted them to have.

Chief executive of the NZRPA Rob Nichol said Lomu’s illness over the past 20 years was not only a financial burden on the star, but that it also prevented him from working and supporting his family financially.

‘It is apparent that his 20-year illness and long dialysis sessions, multiple times a week, affected him far more than people realised, including his ability to work and earn the type of money people probably assumed he was capable of earning,’ Nichol stated.

Former All Black Michael Jones, one of four trustees, said it was time to give back in light of the legacy Lomu left behind.

‘He superseded anything we had seen before, and it is unlikely we will ever see the likes of again,’ he said. ’He was an absolute rugby phenomenon.’

Photo: Gabriel Bouys/AFP Photo