White card for Varsity Cup playoffs

The white-card review system will be reimplemented in the semi-finals and final of this year's Varsity Cup.

The system allows either the coach or captain of a team to review a decision by the referee, with each team granted one review per half.  

UJ host Pukke in Johannesburg on Monday, while Maties take on Tuks in Stellenbosch.

'We strongly believe in the fairness of the game, and with the white-card rule during the semi-final and final, we can make sure that the matches are as fair as possible,' said Varsity Cup CEO Duitser Bosman.

'How it works is that each team’s coach or captain is allowed two challenges per game. This is limited to a single challenge per half. During a stoppage in play either the coach or captain can request that the referee reviews a decision they strongly believe to be incorrect.'

Photo: Varsity Cup

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