2023 World Cup ticket packs go on sale

Fans who have registered for the 2023 World Cup Family will be able to purchase City and Follow My Team ticket packs from 15 March.

A record 2.6-million tickets will be made available for the tournament, underscoring its ambition to be the most accessible World Cup ever. Tickets will go on sale through a real-time phased process, starting with a pre-sale of City and Team packs from 15 March to 5 April, before being made available to the general public on 6 April.

Fans, regardless of their location, who have signed up for the 2023 World Cup Family will be able to purchase Follow My Team packs and City packs at 11:00 GMT (1pm SA time) via dedicated ticketing site tickets.rugbyworldcup.com on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Follow My Team Pack includes all four pool matches for a qualified team, with the possibility to purchase a ticket for the team’s quarter-final should it qualify for the knockout phase. Should the team not make it past the World Cup pool phase, ticket holders will receive a full refund for that quarter-final. Twelve Follow My Team packs will be available, one for each qualified nation.

The City Pack includes either three or all pool matches in each of the nine host cities. In the ‘three matches’ City Pack, fans will be able to select two matches of their choice, while a third game will come standard with every pack. For the City pack, rugby fans will be able to attend all pool matches in the host city of their choice, except Saint-Denis (Stade de France), as the opening game is not included in that pack.

These packs will be available until September 2022 (subject to availability), the time at which individual match tickets will be released. Purchased tickets will be downloadable a few weeks prior to the tournament.

An official resale platform will also be launched in 2022. Ticket holders will have the opportunity to resale their tickets to other fans through this secured platform.

With 500,000 people registered to the 2023 Family and tickets sold in real time, demand for rugby’s pinnacle tournament is expected to surpass previous events.

In the event of a high volume of fans trying to access tickets.rugbyworldcup.com at the same time, a queue system will be implemented to allow fans who are on the ticketing website the chance to purchase packs easily and without issues.

Fans waiting to access the platform will have an option to be alerted by email when they reach the front of the queue. They will also have 48 hours to confirm their selection and can make phased payments.

Photo: Dave Rogers – World Rugby via Getty Images/World Rugby via Getty Images