Australia should be happy

SPIRO ZAVOS, writing for The Roar, is confident that the new format of Super Rugby can be just that, super.

With so much to take into consideration, he believes Sanzar has served up a product that will still exhilarate, while addressing the concerns of the ARU.

'This is the best outcome that could be expected for Australian rugby from a difficult negotiation that requires Sanzar to somehow make a perfect triangle out of a circle,' wrote Zavos.

'What we know of the proposed 2016 format looks good for Australian rugby.

'Rupa [the players' association] and others have been banging on about the need for a Super Rugby format based essentially on Australian and New Zealand teams. Well, they haven’t exactly got this format but they have got Australia and New Zealand as an entity with the majority of games played by their teams being against each other.

'For the life of me, I can’t understand why the Australian rugby community can’t grasp this essential truth.'

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