‘Boks will eventually join Six Nations’

It is inevitable that South Africa will eventually join the Six Nations because of TV and time zones, according to Nigel Wray.

In an article appearing in The Telegraph, the Saracens owner went on to claim that it was the only sensible alternative to the current calendar.

'Clearly, sooner or later, South Africa will play with France, England, Ireland etc, because we are in the same time zone,' Wray said.

'At the moment, South Africa have to tramp over to a completely different time zone, which takes a long time to get accustomed to. They play their games at the wrong time of day, at breakfast time, which is the worst TV time.

'I don't know when, but it is inevitable the game will go like that. It's just so logical. Whether you like it or not, TV is the master.'

Photo: Scott Heavey/Getty Images