Canadians ‘fear’ transgender player

Female Canadian rugby players have expressed safety concerns over a transitioning person competing in the women’s league.

The player, reportedly known as ‘Ash’, for the Fergus Highlanders senior women’s team identifies as female but was born a man, who is understood to weigh 99kg and stand 1.78 metres tall.

An unnamed female player was quoted in the Toronto press about the disadvantage they face, saying: “We are women. It’s a whole other thing playing rugby against men.

“I had never been hit like that before, even at the competitive women’s level. There was so much more brute force. There are women who are bigger than him, but no girl hits like that. This is a strong human.”

Despite not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, the woman stressed that the issue is about fair competition, not discrimination.

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“The player is a nice person, but that is not the point,” she said. “We are now at a disadvantage.”

Rugby Canada reportedly supports the transgender player’s participation, citing federal inclusion laws, and managing director Tania Richards notes that no formal complaints have been received.

“All rugby played in Canada abides by federal government laws which regulates inclusion in sport,” Richards stated.

However, Diana Murphy, believed to be a friend of some of the players who got hurt playing against Ash, voiced her disapproval on social media.

Photo: @diana_murphy613

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