English writer slams NZR’s selfish ways

Daily Mail writer Chris Foy has taken aim at New Zealand Rugby’s ‘smug superiority complex’ as the Kiwis plan to do it their own way.

Foy’s headline says it all really … ‘All Blacks need to lose superiority complex at a time when rugby needs unity and co-operation… as Super Rugby faces a removal of weak links’.

One of the ‘weak links’ appears to be every single South African Vodacom Super Rugby franchise as New Zealand prepare to go it alone. Or at least do it their way with Australia afforded minimal opportunities in return for their commercial benefits.

While the world, and rugby, needs unity in this time Foy writes that NZR is ‘brandishing a smug superiority complex in the face of struggling neighbours’.

The writer points out current All Blacks coach Ian Foster’s attitude towards the Wallabies.

‘This is not a charity,’ said Ian Foster, when talking about what needs to be done when replacing Super Rugby.

Previous coach Steve Hansen once said New Zealand ‘have been looking after the Aussies for years’.

Clearly Australian rugby, itself in its worst-ever position, will only be thrown scraps.

Australia are set to be offered two spots in the new Kiwi-led competition which will likely feature a side made up of Pacific Island representatives but based in Auckland.

‘New Rugby Australia chairman Hamish McLennan has complained about a “master-servant” dynamic in the region and who can blame him?’ adds Foy.

While teams from New Zealand have won 17 of the 24 Super Rugby titles, the country’s rugby body still needs aid from its neighbours. Whether Australia will be able to reformulate the plans to include four franchises remains to be seen …

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