Euro cup picks: Stormers, Bulls advance to quarters

The DHL Stormers and Vodacom Bulls win on Saturday to progress to the 2023-24 Champions Cup quarter-finals, according to the SARugbymag team.

Champions Cup
Harlequins vs Glasgow (Friday, London, 9pm)
Devin Hermanus: Harlequins by 11
Zelím Nel: Harlequins by 4
Juandre Joubert: Harlequins by 11
Simon Borchardt: Harlequins by 7
Dylan Jack: Harlequins by 14
Grant Craze: Harlequins by 15

Bulls vs Lyon (Saturday, Pretoria, 1:30pm)
Devin Hermanus: Bulls by 17
Zelím Nel: Bulls by 13
Juandre Joubert: Bulls by 19
Simon Borchardt: Bulls by 15
Dylan Jack: Bulls by 6
Grant Craze: Bulls by 24

Stormers vs La Rochelle (Saturday, Cape Town, 4pm)
Devin Hermanus: La Rochelle by 3
Zelím Nel: Stormers by 3
Juandre Joubert: Stormers by 5
Simon Borchardt: La Rochelle by 7
Dylan Jack: Stormers by 2
Grant Craze: Stormers by 1

Exeter Chiefs vs Bath (Saturday, Exeter, 4pm)
Devin Hermanus: Exeter by 8
Zelím Nel: Exeter by 6
Juandre Joubert: Exeter by 4
Simon Borchardt: Exeter by 5
Dylan Jack: Bath by 5
Grant Craze: Exeter by 7

Bordeaux vs Saracens (Saturday, Bordeaux, 6:30pm)
Devin Hermanus: Saracens by 2
Zelím Nel: Bordeaux by 4
Juandre Joubert: Bordeaux by 9
Simon Borchardt: Saracens by 7
Dylan Jack: Saracens by 10
Grant Craze: Saracens by 3

Leinster vs Leicester (Saturday, Dublin, 9pm)
Devin Hermanus: Leinster by 4
Zelím Nel: Leinster by 7
Juandre Joubert: Leinster by 24
Simon Borchardt: Leinster by 15
Dylan Jack: Leicester by 4
Grant Craze: Leinster by 17

Northampton vs Munster (Sunday, Northampton, 1:30pm)
Devin Hermanus: Northampton by 8
Zelím Nel: Northampton by 5
Juandre Joubert: Northampton by 10
Simon Borchardt: Northampton by 5
Dylan Jack: Northampton by 3
Grant Craze: Northampton by 6

Toulouse vs Racing 92 (Sunday, Toulouse, 4pm)
Devin Hermanus: Toulouse by 10
Zelím Nel: Toulouse by 9
Juandre Joubert: Toulouse by 16
Simon Borchardt: Toulouse by 5
Dylan Jack: Toulouse by 13
Grant Craze: Toulouse by 8

Challenge Cup
Gloucester vs Castres (Friday, Gloucester, 9pm)
Devin Hermanus: Gloucester by 9
Zelím Nel: Gloucester by 8
Juandre Joubert: Gloucester by 13
Simon Borchardt: Gloucester by 10
Dylan Jack: Gloucester by 18
Grant Craze: Gloucester by 17

Clermont vs Cheetahs (Saturday, Clermont, 1:30pm)
Devin Hermanus: Clermont by 19
Zelím Nel: Clermont by 20
Juandre Joubert: Clermont by 28
Simon Borchardt: Clermont by 25
Dylan Jack: Clermont by 14
Grant Craze: Clermont by 21

Benetton vs Lions (Saturday, Treviso, 6:30pm)
Devin Hermanus: Benetton by 15
Zelím Nel: Lions by 4
Juandre Joubert: Benetton by 8
Simon Borchardt: Benetton by 3
Dylan Jack: Lions by 9
Grant Craze: Lions by 4

Ospreys vs Sale (Saturday, Bridgend, 9pm)
Devin Hermanus: Sale by 5
Zelím Nel: Sale by 12
Juandre Joubert: Sale by 9
Simon Borchardt: Sale by 10
Dylan Jack: Sale by 6
Grant Craze: Sale by 10

Edinburgh vs Bayonne (Saturday, Edinburgh, 9pm)
Devin Hermanus: Edinburgh by 10
Zelím Nel: Edinburgh by 15
Juandre Joubert: Edinburgh by 17
Simon Borchardt: Edinburgh by 8
Dylan Jack: Bayonne by 7
Grant Craze: Edinburgh by 12

Montpellier vs Ulster (Sunday, Montpellier, 1:30pm)
Devin Hermanus: Montpellier by 5
Zelím Nel: Montpellier by 5
Juandre Joubert: Ulster by 6
Simon Borchardt: Ulster by 7
Dylan Jack: Montpellier by 12
Grant Craze: Ulster by 8

Sharks vs Zebre (Sunday, Durban, 1:30pm)
Devin Hermanus: Sharks by 20
Zelím Nel: Sharks by 17
Juandre Joubert: Sharks by 19
Simon Borchardt: Sharks by 25
Dylan Jack: Sharks by 25
Grant Craze: Sharks by 30

Pau vs Connacht (Sunday, Pau, 6:30pm)
Devin Hermanus: Connacht by 6
Zelím Nel: Pau by 5
Juandre Joubert: Connacht by 3
Simon Borchardt: Connacht by 5
Dylan Jack: Pau by 4
Grant Craze: Connacht by 3

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