‘I like to roll with the punches’

SARugbymag.co.za talks to Australian Zoe Cross about sport, starting her modelling career, and shooting in the Seychelles with SA Swimsuit magazine.

Rugby, football, or cricket?
To watch, probably cricket. Rugby and soccer are good, but cricket was always on when I was growing up; I understand it better. But I’m a surfer. I grew up in Coolangatta, on the Gold Coast. I live in Sydney now, which is great, but if I want to get away I’ll pack the car and head down south to The Farm, in Kiama, and go longboarding.

How long have you been modeling?
For two years now, since I was 15. But I don’t see myself as the modeling type, really. Most models dream of being in Vogue, or something. That’s not me, I’m a messy eater. Really messy. I’ll unintentionally pick the messiest food on the menu and just smash into it. People look at me and I know they’re thinking, 'How is she a model?' I don’t know how I make as much mess as I do.

What’s been the highlight?
I like that it takes you places. Like this, being in the Seychelles, is somehow work. It’s work, but it’s not work. Not really. It’s the farthest from Australia I’ve been, and I’m so stoked to be a part of it. It was so unexpected too; I was booked on the Monday and arrived in the Seychelles on Thursday. I just hopped on a plane. The spontaneity of it suits me perfectly; I like to roll with the punches.

Photo: Rory Keohane/HSM Images