IRB trials rugby goggles

Rugby players who wear glasses will now be able to see clearly during games thanks to the introduction of rugby goggles.

The IRB has given its approval for a global trial regarding the wearing of goggles, which have been designed with short-sighted players in mind. The testing will cover all levels of rugby around the globe, with the safety of players and opponents the main focus.

'Rugby is a game for all and the IRB recognises that not everyone who needs corrective glasses can wear contact lenses, particularly children,' explained the IRB's Steve Griffiths. 'So we have been collaborating with a leading manufacturer to design and rigorously test a pair of goggles that will be safe and effective in a rugby environment. We believe we have done that now and this trial is good news for anyone with eyesight issues who wishes to play the game.'

Only those goggles bearing the IRB trial-approved logo can be worn, with referees required to make the necessary checks.

'Features of the approved rugby goggles include high-speed impact resistance, anti-abrasion surfaces, anti-fogging, UV protection and a specially designed strap with no clips, buckles or sharp edges,' Griffiths said. 'If the trial is to be instructive, we will require feedback from all participants who will be requested to provide feedback during and at the end of the trial.'

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