‘It’s not all parties and yachts’

Capetonian come Londoner Nicole Meyer talks about her travels, the realities of modelling, and being in the Seychelles for SA Swimsuit 2014.

Why London?
I’ve been based there the past two months but the truth is, if you’re really working – working a lot – you’re not based anywhere. I’ll be based in New York in August – my three-year working visa just came through.

Does a career in modeling live up to the hype?
It’s not all champagne parties and yachts. I got hypothermia in Morocco shooting swimwear; ice cold water for two hours, in and out, in and out, over and over. Or being on your feet for six hours, when you have to shoot 200 different lingerie looks. But it has its perks, definitely: I’m 22 and I’ve seen the world, every continent except Australia. Los Angeles was the best. Barcelona – Spain in general, actually – was great. And being here, obviously, is amazing. The good times definitely outweigh the bad.

How has your Seychelles experience been?
Borneo [for SA Swimsuit 2013] was beautiful, but the weather in the Seychelles has been much better. All of my shots have been in the early morning light, too, which is lovely. The locals are great; in the village people stop to talk to me. It feels a little like Thailand, but a lot more quaint. And we were here for the traditional Creole evening, with the dancing and food. There was a Creole fruitbat curry, actually.

What’s your go-to meal?
I’d cook you a potato bake. Or a braai. Why are you laughing?