• Lions to beat Sharks by 3-10

    Before you make your SuperBru picks for this weekend's Vodacom Super Rugby matches, take a look at the SA Rugby magazine team's predictions.

    Season success rate

    Simon Borchardt: 37/53 (70%)
    Gary Lemke: 36/53 (68%)
    Mark Keohane: 35/53 (66%)
    Jon Cardinelli: 34/53 (64%)
    The Money Man: 34/53 (64%)
    Brenton Chelin: 33/53 (62%)

    Lions vs Sharks

    Simon Borchardt: Lions by 5
    Gary Lemke: Lions by 3
    Jon Cardinelli: Lions by 6
    Mark Keohane: Lions by 10
    Brenton Chelin: Lions by 8
    The Money Man: Lions by 10

    Bulls vs Reds

    Simon Borchardt: Bulls by 20
    Gary Lemke: Bulls by 13
    Jon Cardinelli: Bulls by 7
    Mark Keohane: Bulls by 15
    Brenton Chelin: Bulls by 22
    The Money Man: Bulls by 30

    Waratahs vs Stormers

    Simon Borchardt: Waratahs by 8
    Gary Lemke: Waratahs by 6
    Jon Cardinelli: Waratahs by 9
    Mark Keohane: Waratahs by 5
    Brenton Chelin: Waratahs by 8
    The Money Man: Waratahs by 5

    Force vs Cheetahs

    Simon Borchardt: Force by 3
    Gary Lemke: Force by 4
    Jon Cardinelli: Cheetahs by 6
    Mark Keohane: Force by 7
    Brenton Chelin: Cheetahs by 3
    The Money Man: Force by 5

    Crusaders vs Highlanders

    Simon Borchardt: Crusaders by 8
    Gary Lemke: Crusaders by 8
    Jon Cardinelli: Crusaders by 5
    Mark Keohane: Crusaders by 5
    Brenton Chelin: Crusaders by 12
    The Money Man: Crusaders by 10

    Blues vs Brumbies

    Simon Borchardt: Brumbies by 6
    Gary Lemke: Brumbies by 6
    Jon Cardinelli: Brumbies by 7
    Mark Keohane: Brumbies by 5
    Brenton Chelin: Brumbies by 6
    The Money Man: Blues by 2

    The Money Man's betting tips

    Photo: Gallo Images