Monday Motivation with Courtnall Skosan

If you’re looking for some Monday Motivation, Springbok and Lions wing Courtnall Skosan has you covered.

In his first feature for, Skosan shares some of the messages that are close to his heart:

‘To look back at this video below from last year, what makes it so special is the fact that this was three and a half months after undergoing an ACL operation on my knee.

‘The way I had to trust God for healing and restoration was probably the worst and the best time of my life. I saw how God physically worked in my life. The support I had in this time made a world of difference.

‘Facing adversity or tough situations in life will never be easy, but with the right people around you, the right mindset and faith, you will see it through and come out stronger on the other side. This is one of the reasons I live by the phrase of, ”Always Look Up”.

‘I have had many tough challenges, not only in my career, but in life as well. Family, financial and emotional challenges. I’ve gotten through all of them by the grace of God, and I’ve been at the peak of happiness and experienced many amazing things before in my life, and am expecting many more great things to come in the future.

‘Because I believe in God and never doubt the fact that He is there for me, I can confidently say that in all things, no matter what… I continue to Always Look Up. I know where my strength and my blessings come from. Even if this message only reaches one, my heart will be happy.

‘Life isn’t always fair and good and bad things will come your way. Some people are fighting for their lives and others are so blessed they cannot contain themselves. It all comes from somewhere and we all know that there is a higher power that is in control of it all.

‘Faith, support and the right mindset will take you places. Places you never thought in your wildest dreams you would see or experience. That is the power of God. I’ve seen it work in my life. Why don’t you give it a shot as well?

*Skosan and his wife, Semone, recently started an apparel brand called ‘Always Look Up’.  This particular phrase has been a part of Courtnall’s daily life for many years. He believes that no matter what happens in your life, you should acknowledge the fact that there is a higher power than yourself that you can turn to. Sometimes to say thank you, and other times to ask for guidance.

 This is a daily reminder for any person, like you reading this right now, that we can look up even when it is difficult, and remember where our strength and blessings come from.

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