Money Man’s biggest bet yet

The Money Man goes big with a R10,000 wager on the Test between the All Blacks and Argentina in Hamilton on Saturday.

A beautiful, cool day awaits Los Pumas and the Kiwis in Hamilton on Saturday. But try as I might to talk this up as a tough Test, it's hard to take this clash serious when we were fed the same rhetoric regarding the Wallabies' chances a fortnight ago.

New Zealand were favoured to win by 19 against Australia. They won by 20 despite playing below their potential, while Australia played to theirs.

What I do know for sure, is that Argentina will do everything in their power to disrupt the All Blacks and who can blame them. If Los Pumas were to play with their free style, we could end up with a cricket score.

The bookies favour New Zealand to win by 24, but I'm always cautious when handicaps get that high. Therefore my banker for this week is going to sound strange to most of you, so bear with me.

If your financial broker told you he had an investment which would return 45% overnight, would you listen to him? Of course you would.

As I said, Argentina will try to disrupt New Zealand's attacking ball as best they can, even if it is illegal.

Hence, for my banker, I'm placing a R10,000 bet that the referee will issue a yellow card in the Test on Saturday. It won't really matter who concedes the card, but I'm assuming it will be Argentina. The bet pays R4,500 plus my stake back.

I believe the score will be 42-17 in favour of the All Blacks.

Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images