‘Money may talk in SA Rugby link to the north’

Respected New Zealand-based writer and regular SA Rugby magazine contributor Marc Hinton writes that it would make ‘all sorts of sense’ for South Africa to explore a move north.

This past weekend, the Daily Mail reported that plans were gradually materialising for SA Rugby to join their northern-hemisphere counterparts after the 2023 World Cup in France.

It’s been said that the Boks could possibly join an expanded Six Nations, but it’s since been highlighted that SA Rugby is still tied into a deal with broadcasters to remain involved in Sanzaar competitions through to 2025.

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In a column for New Zealand website Stuff.co.nz, though, Hinton suggested ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’.

‘South Africa realigning itself with the existing Six Nations just makes too much sense for there not to be some semblance of truth to at least the intent of it.

‘The big money is in the north. We know that. While the balance of global rugby power tilts very much in favour of the southern alliance, the ability to generate difference-making revenue is very much a northern attribute.

‘It actually makes all sorts of sense for South Africa to cosy up to the Europeans. Assuredly they would reap much more substantial income, which would be vital as they continue to battle to retain their talent. They would also stay in the same time zone, making travel a much more feasible inconvenience.

‘Flights to and from that part of the world are also more frequent and user-friendly. There are also synergies with playing their road games in one tight geographical area where there are a lot of expats, rather than traversing the globe.’


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