NZ Rugby chief open to Rugby Champs expansion

Incoming New Zealand Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson has suggested they are open to considering expanding the Rugby Championship to include Japan or the Pacific Islands at some stage.

Robinson told New Zealand’s Radio Sport that it was important to remain committed to the growth of the global game.

‘We met with the Pacific Islands and the Japanese as recently as World Cup and talked about what the Rugby Championship looks like, all those things are on the table at the moment,’ Robinson said.

‘We’re absolutely committed to that. I accept the frustration and views around what happened in the past, we acknowledge this is a new world and if the game is to break into new markets, which it needs to do not only for good of game but reality of the financial viability, we’ve got to do it.

‘At some stage, we’re committed to looking at the expansion of the Rugby Championship. The timelines around that we’re working through … there’s a growing acceptance around the world that we need to be genuine in our commitment to globalise the game.’