Pacific Islands to join Super Rugby?

Sanzaar is open to including a Pacific Island team in Super Rugby if the tournament expands again.

CEO Andy Marinos said it was a serious consideration and would be assessed thoroughly.

'Sanzaar's never deliberately ignored the Pacific Islands,' Marinos told TVNZ. 'There's always been a natural transfer of players into Australia and New Zealand and you are seeing a lot of those guys coming through the system and are playing on a regular basis.'

Marinos said Sanzaar would assess the value of a Pacific Island team against the others to see whether or not it was a viable option.

'It's going to be a case of modelling and positioning and seeing from a commercial and high performance perspective, how does it stack up and how could it fit into a structure should we look to expand. It's a continuous process of working through how we can get the best result out of the geographies we are looking at.'

Photo: Michael Bradley/Getty Images

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Simon Borchardt