SA teams to play in Singapore

Singapore will host three of the Japanese team’s home matches when Super Rugby expands again in 2016.

This is to manage the travel requirements on South African teams, who will play the Tokyo team much closer to home. Singapore is closer to South Africa than Sydney while a trip to Tokyo would be a 24-hour exercise at least.

On Thursday, Sanzar formally confirmed the participation of the Japan Rugby Football Union and Union Argentina de Rugby at an Executive Committee meeting in London.

The Japanese and Argentinean teams will play in the South African group and will be positioned in opposing conferences. The final composition of these conferences are subject to approval by Saru's General Council.

'This is an exciting departure for Sanzar and one that ticks the boxes of South African rugby,' said Saru CEO Jurie Roux. 'We will have six entrants to the competition in 2016 and will have the pleasure of hosting the new entrants from Japan and Argentina while we have a good solution to the issue of what would have been extended travel time to Tokyo.'

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Photo: Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

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