Spencer left due to ‘unpaid wages’

Issues over unpaid wages are reported to have been the cause of Carlos Spencer’s departure from the EP Kings.

After serving as Kings head coach during the 2014 Currie Cup, Spencer resumed his duties as the attack and specialist skills coach this year.

However, on Tuesday it was announced that the former All Black would be leaving the Kings, and it’s reported he will now take up a coaching role with the Blues.

Spencer’s lawyer David Jones told the New Zealand Herald that the former Lions assistant coach had grown exasperated after the Kings continued to struggle to meet wage obligations to him and the players.

‘It's been happening since before Christmas last year – there comes a time when you've had enough,’ Jones told the Herald. ‘At some point you have to lance the boil. He is owed a substantial amount of money and has had to constantly chase them for arrears. The player payments have been in arrears also.

‘[EP rugby president] Cheeky Watson made a promise last Wednesday that the players would be paid and they weren't. There has been a series of broken promises.

‘Carlos didn't want to terminate until he had a replacement job, but he reached the end of his tether.’

Photo: Steve Haag/Gallo Images

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