• Stormers to win by 3-10

    Before you make your SuperBru picks for this weekend's Super Rugby matches, take a look at the SA Rugby magazine team's predictions.

    Crusaders v Chiefs

    Simon Borchardt: Chiefs by 7
    Jon Cardinelli: Crusaders by 5
    Ryan Vrede: Chiefs by 4
    Gary Lemke: Chiefs by 3
    Mark Keohane: Crusaders by 7
    Jeremy Proome: Chiefs by 6
    Mark Salter: Crusaders by 5

    Cheetahs vs Bulls

    Simon Borchardt: Bulls by 5
    Jon Cardinelli: Cheetahs by 3
    Ryan Vrede: Cheetahs by 6
    Gary Lemke: Cheetahs by 5
    Mark Keohane: Bulls by 5
    Jeremy Proome: Cheetahs by 7
    Mark Salter: Cheetahs by 10

    Highlanders vs Blues

    Simon Borchardt: Highlanders by 5
    Jon Cardinelli: Blues by 3
    Ryan Vrede: Highlanders by 4
    Gary Lemke: Highlanders by 4
    Mark Keohane: Highlanders by 7
    Jeremy Proome: Blues by 5
    Mark Salter: Blues by 6

    Brumbies vs Reds

    Simon Borchardt: Brumbies by 3
    Jon Cardinelli: Reds by 5
    Ryan Vrede: Brumbies by 7
    Gary Lemke: Brumbies by 3
    Mark Keohane: Brumbies by 5
    Jeremy Proome: Reds by 9
    Mark Salter: Reds by 5

    Sharks vs Hurricanes

    Simon Borchardt: Sharks by 15
    Jon Cardinelli: Sharks by 9
    Ryan Vrede: Sharks by 12
    Gary Lemke: Sharks by 14
    Mark Keohane: Sharks by 12
    Jeremy Proome: Sharks by 10
    Mark Salter: Sharks by 8

    Lions vs Stormers

    Simon Borchardt: Stormers by 10
    Jon Cardinelli: Stormers by 5
    Ryan Vrede: Stormers by 5
    Gary Lemke: Stormers by 11
    Mark Keohane: Stormers by 3
    Jeremy Proome: Lions by 3
    Mark Salter: Stormers by 6

    Waratahs vs Force:

    Simon Borchardt: Waratahs by 12
    Jon Cardinelli: Waratahs by 7
    Ryan Vrede:  Waratahs by 10
    Gary Lemke: Waratahs by 13
    Mark Keohane: Waratahs by 10
    Jeremy Proome: Waratahs by 7
    Mark Salter: Waratahs by 10

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    Photo: Barry Aldworth/BackpagePix