• Superbru: Hurricanes or Blues?

    The SA Rugby magazine team’s Superbru picks for round six of Super Rugby Aotearoa and round three of Super Rugby AU.

    REDS vs WESTERN FORCE (Friday, 11.05am, Brisbane)

    Craig Lewis: Reds by 7
    Wade Pretorius: Reds by 12
    Mariette Adams: Reds by 6
    Dylan Jack: Reds by 10
    Andre Huisamen: Red by 5
    Juandre Joubert: Reds by 14
    Jordan Daniels: Reds by 15

    HURRICANES vs BLUES (Saturday, 9.05am, Wellington)

    Craig Lewis: Hurricanes by 5
    Wade Pretorius: Blues by 8
    Mariette Adams: Blues by 7
    Dylan Jack: Blues by 6
    Andre Huisamen: Hurricanes by 7
    Juandre Joubert: Hurricanes  by 6
    Jordan Daniels: Blues by 9

    WARATAHS vs BRUMBIES (Saturday, 11.15am, Sydney)

    Craig Lewis: Brumbies by 12
    Wade Pretorius: Brumbies by 14
    Mariette Adams: Brumbies by 8
    Dylan Jack: Brumbies by 10
    Andre Huisamen: Brumbies by 7
    Juandre Joubert: Brumbies by 11
    Jordan Daniels: Brumbies by 7

    CHIEFS vs HIGHLANDERS (Sunday, 05.35am, Hamilton)

    Craig Lewis: Chiefs by 5
    Wade Pretorius: Highlanders by 3
    Mariette Adams: Chiefs by 5
    Dylan Jack: Chiefs by 10
    Andre Huisamen: Chiefs by 6
    Juandre Joubert: Chiefs by 8
    Jordan Daniels: Highlanders by 7

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