White: Perceptions of me are misconceptions

Incoming Vodacom Bulls director of rugby Jake White says the perception of him as ‘hard-headed’ originates from his drive to excel at every job.

In an exclusive interview with Sport24, White opened up about how he is generally viewed by South African fans and the media.

The former Springbok coach – who has also had stints with the Sharks, Brumbies and Montpellier – accepted that he is perceived as a strict no-nonsense taskmaster.

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However, he added that this misconception possibly comes out of his inner drive to succeed and see others make full use of the opportunities given to them.

‘The misconception people have about me, is that I’m this hard-headed kind of schoolmaster type,’ White told Sport24. ‘I think that perception is maybe a defence mechanism in me.

‘I’m so driven that I would like to do well, and I know I get frustrated. But the one thing I cannot accept is when people have been given opportunities and they don’t see them.

‘A lot of people have said that everybody gets opportunities in life, but some see them and others don’t. So, when I maybe come across as this schoolmaster or tough individual, I think it’s just a sense of frustration that I cannot get people to see how fortunate or privileged they are for the things that are happening around them.

‘That is what is always disappointing, and you would like that perception to change.’

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